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16 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5AH

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do universities partner with Startblocks?

You can send us an email on and our Client relationship team will reach you out for the same.


Who can register themselves with Startblocks?

All higher education institutes abroad can register themselves with Startblocks.


How will Startblocks help Universities?

Startblocks help Universities by helping them meet their student recruitment targets. The student is guided and trained by qualified professionals who take care of their needs right from the beginning to the end of their journey of studying overseas.


How do I become an LPO with Startblocks?

To become an LPO, you simply need to fill the registration form. on the website.


How is Startblocks involved in student recruitment and guidance?

Startblocks helps, guides and trains a student from the inception of their journey as an international student. The team will help the student choose the right course, country and university! The procedure is transparent, and students and parents are kept abreast of all developments concerning the student application.


How is Startblocks different from others?

Startblocks handholds a student from the first step until the last. The team follows up with the student at every stage and regular updates are provided to the student and parents regarding their student application. The team can be approached by the student until the end of their journey as an International Student.


What are the benefits of being associated with Startblocks?

As a University, you can benefit from Startblocks technology with faster and accurate application processing and student registration outcomes. It is your one stop shop for student recruitment, guidance and processing!